Web Video for Your Business

First of all…

The site is indeed looking "funky", but not "funky" in quite the way we want just yet. The "look and feel" is bare bones for now because we’re focusing on creating great content and getting service started for clients.


What the heck is this all about?!?!

Web video is really taking off! Every day more business are using the Internet to attract more customers, and more people each day are viewing online video. In fact, YouTube gets more page views than Google these days. And the number just keeps increasing.

YouTube vs Google

So, just as people have used article marketing for years to get the word out about their business, video marketing is going to take an increasingly important role. This is great news for the companies that are ready to take advantage of it, but there’s a little bit of a snag.

While most people can "get by" writing their own articles for distribution, it’s another level of complexity, involvement, and time commitment to produce good quality video. Especially something that people are going to want to watch and share with other people. And the options for the "small guy" to hire a video production company to create a campaign are limited at best. Even browsing through a site like eLance or Rent-A-Coder, you won’t be able to have someone look at your project for less than $2000.

This is where FunkyWebVideo comes in.

The goal here is to provide good quality web video with a good story to clients for less than $500. Maybe even much less depending on how much content you can provide on your own. We don’t create commercials, instead we work with clients to develop their story in a script form that becomes engaging for the viewer. This is usually in the format of a "how to" or a tutorial that is valuable to the client’s audience. That story is supported with the visuals, and is designed in such a way that the audio and visual each work on their own. But together they produce a synergy that makes your business stand out.

Yeah, yeah, I’m using a bunch of big words here. But that’s what comes to mind when I think of this process. :-) be assured that when we make your video we use the language that is right for your audience.

It's A Funky Web – Your Video Should Be On It!